How ship where shipping not available or dire costly?

How ship where shipping not available or dire costly?

In the competitive world shipping cost is a major factor in right product pricing, best price matching and cash saving! There are cases when the shipping cost takes the larger portion of an item pricing that stores like  LuxuryLifeWay has to accept to meet customers demand with heavy heart!

Obviously the more customers spend on shipping cost intensive items, s/he shrinks their buying capacity for other items that impact the eCommerce ecosystem. Some items  LuxuryLifeWay Online Store selling are example of shipping cost intensive that cost double or even triple the cost of an item - indispensable mainly because of rush delivery trend!

Moreover USA state like Hawaii is an example case where most suppliers/stores are not shipping even at double shipping cost! We sorry this affair and anxiously workout a solution that can give some relief to our Hawaii Customers in special and other Countries Customers in particular to reap the full fruit of eCommerce online shopping!


Customers from Hawaii or other countries who are interested in purchasing Timeless Luxury Products from are suggested to subscribe  USA2Me service to reliably get their purchased items delivered to USA2Me warehouse for FREE and then reship from USA2Me facility to their desired addresses in Hawaii State or any other country worldwide - please do check first USA2Me service countries list and estimate shipping cost before making any decision!

We wish all the best to our esteemed customers, worldwide, and promise to add more security and comfort to their Online Shopping Experience and apologize inconveniences they experienced in COVID-19 Era, mainly caused due to shipping, taxes, and logistics issues - regrettably beyond our control!

26th Jul 2020 Admin

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