Why to engage kids during lockdown?

Why to engage kids during lockdown?

Of many COVID-19 prevention, #social #distancing and #lockdown are more relying around the world to control spread! Social distancing of course getting us save from coming in contact with infected person or transferring infection to other people we contact to - that's mutually beneficial and social responsibility of us all!

While #lockdowning a city, community or street further support to strengthen social distancing in the face of obvious presence of infection. No doubt such lock-downs are only feasible measure that #WHO experts suggest and that also prove useful in absence on any other viable way

Now the problem is, our kids are not accustomed of such restrictions nor realize the scare gripping their adults family members. They're feeling being caged and missing their fellows' gigs, shouts, callings or cryings - now they're probably feeling from distance neighborhood. So, the crux is our kids badly need engaging games, gadgets and toys to continue their grooming and normal functionalities they like, while their elders are less receptive now-a-days during #lockdowns and seemingly busy (even more than ever :-)) in adults activities, pastimes or chatting on net with smart-phones with fellows!

Obviously the #social #distancing and #lockdown are prone to seriously impacting our core home structures that may result in "Isolation Syndrome" among our kids that'd not be peep-in our kids not suppose to face in this life-time test, we're all passing through! So, its very right time, our kids need more attention than ever. We need to remind ourselves and pledge to convey this message to friend & family without shy - Promise, you won't overlook?

14th Apr 2020 LuxuryLifeWay

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