Investors Relation

Dear Friends & Family,

By the grace of God Almighty, we've been progressing since inception of eCommerce stores and foreseeing visible successful horizons in coming years!

Our new stores/brands are almost ready to launch within couple of weeks to strengthen the shareholders/investors urge to "earn & distribute" profit by the end of December 2021- that we're confident we'd achieve amicably!

Our new shareholders/investors in pipeline to join the "Luxury Stores International, Inc." - Friends & Family Group - under the visionary leadership of seasoned marketer/founder, Zahid Z, are requested to do due-diligence and consult their financial/legal advisors before finalizing their shareholdings investing/transfer to their comfort/risk appetite level.

We look forward to your wishes, comments, and suggestions to contribute in developing a great shopping community!

Hoping to see prosperous 2021 for the LSI, Inc., Friends & Family, and stakeholders!

Best wishes for the 2021 and regards,