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Anti-glare polarizer night vision goggles

Anti-glare polarizer night vision goggles

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When driving or riding at night, this product blocks and absorbs the car's UV, blue light, reduces the light intensity of oncoming car headlights, and scatters the glare filter reflected from objects and roads, allowing the driver to Seeing clear road conditions with dazzling lights and chaos avoids headlights and visual stunned goals, resulting in safe, comfortable and eco-friendly driving or cycling goals.
It also has the ability to increase brightness and shine, giving you a clear view after wearing. And the added brightness function will work together to reach the extreme in the morning and evening and when the sky is dim. At this point, even objects floating in the water can be clearly seen.
In the evening, in rainy days and in heavy fog, it can also distinguish the human eye.


Material: copper alloy
3 color frames: gold, silver, black
Glass width: about 62mm / 2.44 inches
Bridge width: about 13mm / 0.51 inches
Length of glass rod: about 135 mm / 5.31 inches.


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