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Smartwatch Original LF07 SmartWatch for IOS - Best Android Smartwatch

Smartwatch Original LF07 SmartWatch for IOS - Best Android Smartwatch

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Introducing the Smartwatch Original LF07 SmartWatch for IOS and Best Android Smartwatch. This cutting-edge smartwatch boasts a unique rotating button, allowing you to seamlessly switch the user interface with ease. With the ability to zoom in and out on icons, the watch offers a level of customization that is unparalleled. Its absorption charging feature ensures safe and convenient charging, even while driving. Additionally, the smartwatch supports a Micro SIM card, effectively functioning as a standalone phone. The intelligent reading system allows for effortless navigation through menus, messages, dialing, call logs, and the phone book. Moreover, the magic sound entertainment feature enables you to transform your voice into various tones, offering endless fun and surprises. Utilize the voice interaction to effortlessly make phone calls, send messages, play music, and find contacts using just your voice. The G-sensor feature allows for the screen to awaken automatically with a gentle raise of your hand. Enjoy the convenience of shaking the watch to change the main menu or answer incoming calls. Elevate your connectivity and style with the Smartwatch Original LF07 SmartWatch.

Special Feature

  • 1. Unique rotating button to switch the user interface.
  • 2. Icon could be zoom in and zoom out
  • 3.absorption charging more safe and convenient to charge when driving.a
  • Micro SIM card to be used as a Phone
  • 5 Intelligent reading system to read menus ,messages ,dialing ,call,time,phone book.
  • 6.Magic sound entertainment ---change your voice to girls ,boys old man,children voice make your friend a big surprise .
  • 7. voice interaction to making phone call sending message play music,finding contact by voice .
  • 8 G-sensor raise hand gently the screen will be waken up automatically .
  • shacking to change main menu.
  • 10. shake to answer the phone .

Main Features:

  • 1.2.5D Arc HD Touch Screen,Life Waterproof
  • 2.Adsorption Charge
  • 3.Support SIM Card (GSM), Frequancy: 850/1800/900/1900.
  • 4.Original Crown operation: Crown Controls Zoom in and out; Crown switches interface
  • 5.Multimedia Social Sync: SMS, QQ, Wechat, Gmail, Email notification, Facebook, Twitter reminder etc.
  • 6.Language Support :Russian , English , French , Spanish , Polish, Portuguese , korean , Italian , Deutsch,Dutch ,Turkish , Hebrew.
  • Standby Time : For normal using ,it can be used for about 1 day.

 Main functions:

  • 4.0 Bluetooth Music,Magic sound entertainment
  • Pedometer, Anti-lost alert, Sleep monitoring, Camera remote(can not be used with IOS),Sync SMS
  • G-sensor: Wake-up gesture; Shaking switch mainmenu; Flip to mute alarm; Flip to mute incoming call
  • Support : All Nucleus or IOS 7 and above or Android 4.3 and above smartphone.
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