LuxuryLifeWay Affiliate Programs

LuxuryLifeWay Online Store offers "Affiliate Program" for its Customers & MCC Members.

1- For Shoppers/Customers: Join Now and Earn Cash Unlimited!

All Shopper/Customers can join Affiliate Program by subscribing email, copying Affiliate Link and sending Affiliate Link to Friends & Family. Each purchase through Affiliate Link will get 2% Extra Discount for Friend & Family and 2% Discount for Affiliate. For example, your Affiliate Link generates 5 sales, you'd get 10% discount (2% of each Sale-Value*) of Sale-Value* of the 5 orders. The best part is that you'd redeem your Sale-Value* into Cash ($).

How it'd work:

  • First click "Get 2% Off" pop-up banner,
  • Copy the Affiliate Link and save it,
  • Send the Link to anyone to let enjoy Get 2% Off Store wide,
  • Anyone purchase using your Link, you get 2% Cash/Off reward.
  • That's it.


2- For MCC Members: Join Now and Earn Cash Unlimited!

In addition to #1, the registered MCC members will get Cash ($) reward on their Investment/Membership Referrals, as per the investment slab, ranging from 0.5% to 4%. For example, a member's Referrals get 4 Investments/Memberships one each of all Investment/Membership Slabs, s/he will get $42.50 ($0.50+$2+$8+$32). The best part is that any Private Investment/Membership will get 2.5% of the Value.

So, don't miss the opportunity and join the Affiliate or/and MCC Membership to open revenue stream apart from other benefits!

How it'd work:

  • Join the MCC Membership Program by Purchasing a Card / Singing WeFunder Contract,
  • We'll assign Membership Card, Discount Code, and Link to referral Cash/Off rewards.
  • That's it.

Good luck.

* Sale-Value applies on product cost excluding shipping, tax, etc.