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4 In 1 High-Frequency Electrode Beauty Wand

4 In 1 High-Frequency Electrode Beauty Wand

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Introducing the 4 In 1 High-Frequency Electrode Beauty Wand, the ultimate solution for all of your beauty needs! This device has been designed to help improve your skin’s texture and tone, reduce acne and wrinkles, stimulate circulation, and eliminate bacteria and virus. Utilizing a voltage of 100V/220V/240V with an operating frequency of 50-60Hz, this wand is perfect for accelerating blood circulation, strengthening lymph activity, improving skin nutrition, producing ozone for sterilization as well as helping wound heal. With it's adjustable intensity settings you can always find the perfect setting for your skin type. Make sure to adjust the intensity to 0 after use and turn off the machine before removing the glass tube from the hand piece for maximum safety. Don’t settle for anything less than perfect when it comes to your complexion - choose the 4 In 1 High-Frequency Electrode Beauty Wand today!

1. Remove spot, Heal skin scars.
2. Enhance blood circulation, Improve lymph activity.
3. Help skin nutrition, Strengthen cell metabolism.
4. Improve secretion and PH value.
5. Diminish inflammation, Sterilize bacteria.
6. Accelerate healing of wounds.
7. Reduce visible skin pores.

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