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7' Sectional Gymnastics Floor Balance Beam-Pink

7' Sectional Gymnastics Floor Balance Beam-Pink

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Measurement: 43.31" x 6.10" x 4.61"

This beam is suitable for all types of performers from beginners who are learning how to walk on it to professional athletes and trainers.

This beam will help improve your child's concentration skills and hand-eye coordination. The 4-inch width ensures the stability and safety of the entire beam. Stable and durable pinewood material provides excellent support while EPE materials provide you with a comfortable experience. The light-weight and foldable design make it easy to store and transport. The hinges connect the two parts tightly and steadily to ensure the safety of the user. This balance beam is the best choice for beginners and professionals.It is perfect for all ages from toddlers to older experienced gymnasts who are looking to practice new skills.

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  • Made of sturdy pine and high-quality EPE foam to prevent potential injuries.
  • Premium flannel surface is non-slippery and abrasion-resistant.
  • Foldable design for easy storage and carrying.
  • Compact size allows it to take up very little storage space.
  • The rubber feet ensure the balance and stability of the entire balance beam.
  • Hinge securely connects two separate beams.
  • Suitable for beginners and professional students.
  • Suitable for both home and gym use.
  • It will increase the child's focus hand-eye coordination and professional skills.
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