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Eye Massager 6D Smart Airbag

Eye Massager 6D Smart Airbag

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If you are looking for an eye massager that can relieve eye fatigue, reduce dark circles and puffiness, and give you a rejuvenated appearance, look no further than the Eye Massager 6D Smart Airbag. This instrument uses traditional Chinese acupuncture principles to massage the pressure points around your eyes, providing you with a relaxing and effective treatment. The built-in music and Bluetooth connection allow you to listen to your favorite tunes while you receive your massage, and the hot compress function soothes and refreshes your tired eyes. Portable and easy to use, the Eye Massager 6D Smart Airbag is the perfect way to care for your eyes at home or on the go.



1. Eye protection mode: (long press switch/mode key - power on)
Massage function + music SALORIE Online Store
2. Nursing mode: (short press on/mode key - switch)
Massage function + music + hot compress function
3. Strong mode :(short press on/mode key - switch)
Massage function + music + hot compress function + vibration massage SALORIE Online Store
4, refreshing mode: (press the power on/mode button to change everything)
Hot compress function + music

(If you don't need music, you can also press the music button to stop the music)

Battery Capacity:

Vibration Massage:
Multi-frequency vibration about 50 times per second to relieve fatigued muscles around the eyes.

Airbag Compression:
42-degree Constant temperature hot compress
42 degrees Celsius, even heat, relieve eye fatigue, hot compress experience upgrade. Give the warm enjoyment like a hot towel.

The folding design is convenient for storage, and the storage bag is equipped for convenient travel and use.


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