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Headphone Adapter Lightning To 3.5mm Adapter Cable

Headphone Adapter Lightning To 3.5mm Adapter Cable

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Our Headphone Adapter Lightning To 3.5mm Adapter Cable is designed to provide the ultimate user experience, combining fashion with functionality. It has a stylish and durable plastic shell that is light and easy to carry - making it the perfect travel companion. The adapter features the lastest IOS 10/11 and above, so you can keep up with the latest technological advances while simultaneously charging your device, listening to music, and having complete control over your media. This essential accessory is perfect for anyone who loves listening to music on their devices or using their headphones for facetime calls or voice memos. Our lightweight design puts minimal strain on both your device and your wallet, making it an economical choice for audio-lovers everywhere!



Product Information:
Product Name: Dual lightning audio adapter (available in small quantities)
Applicable Models: compatible with Apple
Product Function: double flat hole (charge + listen to music + call + wire control)
Flat hole + round hole (game voice + call + live broadcast + USB shield + wire control + sound card)
Optional Color: white
Product Material: ABS
Product Weight: 6G
Working Voltage: 4.75-5.25V DV
Working Current: 1A
Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz
Signal to Noise Ratio: THD+N: -80dB
Output Power: 2x35mW@32Ω
Note: Non-apple brand products

Packing List:
Audio Adapter*1

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