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Indestructible iPhone Magnetic Flip Case

Indestructible iPhone Magnetic Flip Case

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Introducing the ultimate solution for iPhone protection - our Indestructible iPhone Magnetic Flip Case. This durable case provides double layer protection, and a reliable magnetic lock that firmly holds your phone in place for an unbeatable sense of security. You’ll never worry again about accidentally dropping your device while loose in your pocket, or damaging it from rough handling. Our case fleep is engineered with state-of-the-art impact absorption materials to ensure nothing gets through, no matter how hard you hit it. And yet this robust level of protection is wrapped in an ultra thin design that’s easy to hold and highly portable, fitting conveniently into any pocket or bag. The indestructible safety of the Fleep Flip Case makes it a must have accessory for any tech enthusiast. Get yours today and join the millions of people around the world who now know a better way to protect their phones.




Colors: Transparent Black
Material: Explosion-proof tempered glass + Acrylic + EVA
Weight: 60g

Package Included: 
1x Magnetic Flip Case

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