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Party Star Handbags

Party Star Handbags

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The Party Star Handbags are the perfect way to make a statement wherever you go! The Lolita Party Bag Star Handbag is designed with an exquisite touch of Japanese fashion, making it both fun and stylish. Crafted from high-quality PU leather and secure zipper closures, this handbag is sure to turn heads in any situation. Whether you are out at lunch with friends or running errands, this bag will always offer plenty of style and convenience. It features a wide array of multi-functional pockets to keep your items organized and available when you need them. The adjustable shoulder strap ensures maximum comfort while being light and comfortable on your arm. Make the Party Star Handbag your go-to choice for any occasion – it is perfect for any occasion!



Without Doll Accessories
Material: PU Leather
Size: 29*28.5*8cm 
Color: Yellow
Straps: 1
Usage: Shoulder Bag, Handbag

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