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Smart Neck Shoulder Cervical Spine Massager

Smart Neck Shoulder Cervical Spine Massager

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Looking for an effective way to de-stress and relieve your neck and shoulder discomfort? Introducing the Xiaomi Smart Hanging Neck Shoulder Cervical Spine Massager. This revolutionary device uses advanced heating technology to generate hot air that radiates upwards into your neck, giving you a comforting massage effect that relaxes your tight muscles and eases the tension in your neck and shoulders. The massager's adjustable headrest is designed specifically to fit the natural curvature of the cervical spine, enhancing its overall effectiveness. Not only does it help reduce inflammation in the head and neck area, but it also helps promote better blood circulation ensuring you get maximum results from every session. Whether you are looking for relief from chronic pains or just want to take a break from your busy day, this advanced neck and shoulder massager is sure to provide you with an unmatched massage experience!




Product Description:
Product Name: Pendant Cervical Massager
Product net weight: 58g
Rated power: 5W
Input voltage: 5V-1A
Rated frequency: 50Hz
Product size: 45*45*15MM
Control method: Mechanical keys / LCD display
Battery capacity: 600mAH

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