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Solar Power Ventilation Fan

Solar Power Ventilation Fan

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Step into a brighter future with our Solar Power Ventilation Fan! This 600W solar panel fan kit is the perfect solution for all your ventilation needs. With its powerful exhaust fan, it can provide maximum air flow for greenhouses, pet areas, and even roofs. With this solar-powered fan, you won't ever have to worry about electrical costs. It's equipped with renewable, clean energy that is reliable and noise-free. Plus, its lightweight and portable structure makes it easy to take your cooling with you anywhere. Don't wait for tomorrow — enjoy cooler air today, with our solar power ventilation fan.




Number of Panels: 1
Flexible Solar Panel: No
Foldable Solar Panel: No
Type: Solar Panel
Module Efficien: 21.8%
Size: 13.7*9.4inch
Nominal Capacity: 600Wp
Number of Cells: 36
Max. Power: 30-600W
Material: Monocrystalline Silicon
Nominal Capacity: 600W
Nominal Capacity: 0.83A
Certification: CE,FCC

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